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Upcoming Events and Ongoing Items

Photos from events can be found on our Facebook Group, and on the Past Events page.

UTGSU Gym Bursary

If you are a registered doctoral-stream student wanting to buy a gym membership at an athletics facility on campus this summer, you can get up to 100% of the cost back from SGS by uploading your proof of membership purchase to the SGS portal. For more details, click here.

Running Group

Wednesdays at 5 pm

To stay updated, join our Facebook group!

Mindful Moments

Mondays from 12:10-1 pm Grad House, Grad Room, 60 Harbord St

Would you like to be more calm, confident and connected? Mindful Moments is a U of T wellness initiative that guides participants in learning how to maintain moment-by-moment awareness of their thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. Practicing mindfulness and meditation has been shown to reduce stress as well as improve focus, memory, and relationships. This service is offered for free and does not require registration - just drop in! For more information, contact Jennifer (

Weekly Charity Coffee Hour

Fridays at 1:30 pm at the lounge on the 6th floor

Meet your colleagues at our weekly coffee hour at 1:30 pm on the 6th-floor Graduate Student Lounge. Besides being an excellent social gathering, this event is also an opportunity for us to contribute towards charity and, this year, we will be collecting money for Run for the Cure 2018, so remember to bring a LOONIE!

Last year, we raised $400 from our coffee hour, Valentine's Day candygram sales, and our poker night for Blessings in a Backpack. This was enough money to support 3 children on weekends for an entire school year. We also held a charity bake sale and raised $435 for NMC-Cultural Exchange & Support Initiative (CESI). This organization provides support to newly arriving Syrian families.

All proceeds donated during poker & movie nights and coffee hours held by our Charity Directors (Virginia and Lucy) this school year will go toward CIBC Run for the Cure. Throughout the 2017-2018 school year PSGSA has raised $280.00, to go towards sponsoring the first 7 students to register here this link for our PSGSA team that will participate in the CIBC Run for the Cure on September 30th, 2018 at 10 am. The Run for the Cure is an annual event that raises money for breast cancer in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society. PSGSA will announce on August 30th the 7 graduate students who will have their registration fees covered by PSGSA. Faculty and friends are also encouraged to join the PSGSA team in this run for the cure. For this, they just need to register on the run for the cure website and choose the join a team option. The name of the team is PSGSA and the team company is University of Toronto. The minimum donation is $40 (i.e. registration fee to run) until August 31, 2018.

Never sure who to contact in the department or how?
Click here to download a staff/faculty directory.

PSGSA Executive Member and Constitution Results

The new PSGSA constitution passed with 75% of the voters' approval. You can check out the new constitution here.
Congratualtions to our 2018-19 Executive Members:

  • President (1 position) - Michael Saikali
  • Vice-President (1 position) - Tamlyn Freedman
  • Secretary (1 position) - Eliza McColl
  • Webmaster (1 position) - Tiffany Cho
  • Treasurer (1 position) - Rashi Asthana
  • Communications Coordinator from BPS (1 position) - Abigail D'Souza
  • Communications Coordinator from CSAP (1 position) - No candidates yet!
  • Social Events Coordinators (2 positions) - Brittany Epp-Ducharme & Tanja Sack
  • Networking Events Coordinators (2 positions) - Martha Kubarakos & Teshan Aponso
  • Charity Events Coordinators (2 positions) - No candidates yet!
  • Athletics Coordinator (1 position) - Seray Cicek
  • GSU Representatives (2 positions) - Hanie Yousefi & Andy Yang
  • CUPE Representatives (2 positions) - Ann Fernando & 1 candidate needed

To submit your name for 2018-19 PSGSA Executive Team, with no current nominations, please email Michael ( To see the allocation of votes, click here.

Lastly, we'd like to thank our 2017-2018 executive team for all of their hard work this school year. Some of their accomplishments can be viewed here.

GRIP Feedback Survey

Hey grad students, help make next year's GRIP symposium a bigger success - please fill out this short feedback form! Your help is appreciated by the GRIP committee.

Health & Dental Insurance Change-of-Coverage Period

Opt In and Out Dates: September 1 to October 2, 2018 (no exceptions)

Be sure to opt your dependants in, or opt yourself out within this time frame by clicking here and finding University of Toronto Graduate Students' Union (UTGSU). You can find more information about the benefits offered by the UTGSU at UTGSU's insurance page, Student Care, or Green Shield Canada.

Lunch & Learn With an Expert

We hope you enjoyed attending the Lunch and Learn with and Expert events throughout the 2017-18 school year. Please let us know what you thought!

Graduate Professional Skills (GPS)

GPS focuses on skills beyond those conventionally learned within a disciplinary program, skills that may be critical to success in the wide range of careers that graduates enter, both within and outside academia. The program can help you to communicate better, plan and manage your time, learn entrepreneurial skills, understand and apply ethical practices, and work effectively in teams and as leaders. GPS consists of a range of optional "offerings" with a time commitment roughly equivalent to 60 hours of work. Its successful completion will be recognized by a transcript notation. Visit the program website for more information!

Mitacs workshops

Mitacs Training has been bridging the gap between university learning and career success through professional skills development since 2008. Step workshops offer an interactive learning environment, with small class sizes of typically 24 participants. Examples of workshops include "Project Management" and "Networking Skills". They are facilitated by leading business and industry professionals found through a competitive selection process. Sessions are offered at no charge to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows currently registered at a Canadian university. Visit the website for more information.

Gradfest 2018

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 from 4-5 pm at 16 Bancroft Ave

Enjoy a day filled with free food, swag bags, games and learning about all the services provided through the UTGSU. You'll also get the chance to interact with awesome graduate specific information tables from our identity-based groups that tackle important issues on campus and U of T graduate student organizations.
Learn about the UTGSU services, such as the health plan, free intramural sports league, academic advocacy avenues, international student identity card and funding opportunities available to graduate students. You can also meet and get involved with our identity-based groups that tackle important issues on campus and U of T graduate student organizations.

Annual BBQ at Ashbridge's Bay Park

Friday, September 7, 2018 from 11:30 am - 3 pm at Ashbridge's Bay Park

Are you excited for the upcoming academic year? PSGSA will start the celebrations with the Ashbridge's bay barbecue. Please join us for a BBQ at Ashbridge's Bay Park, where transportation, food, and great times will all be provided. Please sign up to ensure you have a place on the bus and lunch at Ashbridge's Bay Park. The bus will leave at 11:30 AM and return at 3:00 PM. Everyone is invited!

We welcome any student feedback!

The PSGSA welcomes any comments and suggestions you may have on events - academic, professional or social in nature - as well as general thoughts on the graduate experience. Your submissions are completely anonymous and will be managed by a member of the PSGSA executive. We look forward to hearing from you and working to enhance your experience!